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24 May 2022
Managing Director | Schmitz-Cargobull

Fabian Bahlmann

Fabian Bahlmann is Managing Director for Schmitz Cargobull Middle East, the Middle Eastern Semi-trailer and Truck body solutions hub for fleet owners in Middle East & East Africa.

Schmitz Cargobull Middle East FZE is the regional touchpoint for Schmitz Cargobull customers and market partners throughout the Middle East and East Africa.

Schmitz Cargobull (SCB) is a Germany based company within the commercial vehicles industry and was founded in 1892. Offering more than 125 years of semitrailer and truck-body manufacturing experience, we have developed into market leadership in Europe and are successfully distributing superior transport solutions to customers and market partners worldwide.

Producing more than 55.000 semitrailers & truck body solutions annually, our company has reached a turnover of approx. 2 billion Euro and a employs a workforce of more than 5000, with the majority working in Germany.