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27 May 2021
Operations and Partnership Manager | Zaeto Lubricants & Grease Trading

Nicholas Brooks

Nicholas Brooks’ background in multi-sector business and being based in the UAE allowed for his involvement in a number of Start-ups, expansion programs of Multi-regional and Multi-Country Companies. His work has included FMCG, Logistics, Health & Wellness and Marine Sectors.

Having a focus on creating communities to build awareness, one being Cycle Safe Dubai, which he Co-Founded in 2008, assisted HH Sheikh Mohammed’s development of Al Qudra Cycling Track and ongoing Cycling initiative. This strong tie to people’s health and welleness also involved what impacts outdoor air quality locally and regionally.

As Zaeto distributes a range of grease, lubricants and fuel additives, focused in efficiencies and emmisions (PM, NOx and CO2) where Nicholas’ role is within Partnerships and Operations. His work is on achieving goals and answering part of larger problems within companies. The constant strive for Efficiencies has added pressure on better Emissions. We see this as a group effort where the ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’.

To date our work has been recognised in print, previously by Truck & Fleet and other media as well as various awards including the Arabian Business Award, ‘Future Stars’.

Bridging ‘that’ Gap can look costly, but Zaeto’s products allow for smoother effective and efficient savings now, where additional benefits can be staged and leveraged to assist additional likeminded projects as well as ISO accreditation and SDGs.

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