The future of fleet in the
GCC and the route to a
sustainable industry

27 May 2021
Owner and Director | Mining Tech & Logistics FZC

Richard Zielinski

Mr. Zielinski is the owner of Mining Tech & Logistics FZC in Fujairah, which is involved in the mining and transportation of limestone. An export-oriented project, the UAE operations help support the manufacturing industry in India. Heavy duty on and off-road trucks are a key element of the overall operations. Previously, Mr. Zielinski worked as a diplomat representing the United States Department of State in various overseas postings. Mr. Zielinski was a leader of a contract finance team for the U.S. Army Material Command in Iraq, where he negotiated and monitored spending on operational and construction projects. He graduated from Georgetown University and received a master’s degree from the University of East Anglia.

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